Marriage is a part of sweet romance. Couples are allowed to live happily under one roof. This intimate closeness should not be dull. Therefore, to make your wedding celebration much more presentable, tailor a compact plan to celebrate this awesome wedding ceremony. Brides and grooms should be attractive. Image Consultant Sheena Agarwal assists them how to appear beautiful in front of camera. The bridal make-up consultation is helpful to anyone who must value this special event. Brides get tips and suggestions about hair styles, facial makeover and skincare.


Over coating of mascara is not useful to brides who must take care of their skin. Innovative beauty tips and shortcut tricks save them from infection. When you need to have natural look, you kindly use the light weight makeup. The single tone lip brushing adds gloss to the face of the bride. Instead of being flooded by trends and infatuation, try to be classic in appearance. Kindly, go for using bronzing powder to tone up the skin.

The whole part of the face must be meticulously groomed. Usually, an ergonomic bristle brush must be chosen to do the facial makeover. Please, put focus on the burnt or most sensitive portions of the face. Ultra violet sunray affects these areas. So, you must insulate these regions applying herbal ingredients. Cheeks, blade of the nose and forehead are exposed to sunlight. Therefore, don’t overlook these areas at the time of undergoing skin reprogramming.

In most cases, innocent newcomers are seen opting for powerful gel , cosmetic foundations and lubricant oil to do the facial paintwork . It is not scientific. It must destruct the osmotic layer of the epidermal skin. So, according to her, it is essential for a bride or a groom to have coating of primer to prevent the bad impact of the foundation or gel. Often the usage of loose powder dust is effective to control over blushing or shinning. Decent look is always impressive. The photogenic condition is improved and brides seem to become celebrities at the wedding functions. The cinematic view of the bride will be much better in case she applies topical golden color base and concealed to enhance the awesome photography.


Needless to say, the natural aesthete of a bride should not be lost. Otherwise, she will have cumbersome image to project herself in much awkward way. Therefore, recheck and redo the facial rework plans before you start working. Heavy waxing is minus point for her. In addition, repeated usages of chemical components like skin cleansers for makeup are negative for her.

Don’t be over correct when you change your facial look. Be frank and smooth to recover the natural glow of your face. Local powder, foundation talc and other cosmetic products must not be over used. Especially, talk to the consultant before using local talc to re-engineer the facial skin. Finally, the advice from the professional consultant is that any experiment on your face just a day before marriage celebration must not be good for you.

For Your Eyes

For brow coloring or brushing, you have to follow few easy tips. Double coats of brow gel/powder/color must be deep to ensure the glossiness of brow. Sometimes, make-up artists recommend light pencil to paint the brows which must renew physical beauty of the bride. Eyeliners in classic black and brown or neutral colors are excellent for eyes beautification.

Eyelash curler to decorate the eye lashes is always magnificent. Ultra thin coating of mascara with waterproof coverage on the eyes/brows must be unique.


Don’t prefer fake lashes to make the face ugly. Dark color shadow for eye decoration is harmful to your face. It will destroy the ultimate purpose of facial makeup.

Cheeks and Lips

Do proper cheeks and lip-care. Study how to handpick the awe-inspiring. Qualitative powder blush should innovate the face enhancing the dewy aesthete with natural facial care.

Lip liner with lipstick must be great.


Unusual lip liner and deep lipstick should be kept out of your sight during facial makeover.