Girls are born with the instinct to dress up and look their glamorous best. They look forward to any occasion when they can wear good clothes and don make-up just to feel good and hog the limelight. Yes a girl just loves to impress others and be the cynosure of all eyes, and what better occasion than a wedding to flaunt her looks and outfit! Indian weddings are all about glitz and glamour, with everyone vying to outdo the other in the looks department.

Looking good and gorgeous is not the domain of the bride alone, but to all the women who attend the wedding party . There’s nothing like a wedding to make a woman want to look her best.

Applying make-up is a tricky procedure and must be done by a skilled professional, else it could make the person look artificial and spoil the appearance. We wouldn’t want that to happen, would we?

Here are some simple procedures to ready your self for applying make-up.

Face: The skin-tone should be evened out with a matching foundation. This should extend even to the neck region. Blend gently with a foundation brush or a moist sponge. Take care not to apply too much moisture as the make-up could bleed and spoil the complexion.

Use a matching concealer to gloss over any discoloration or any other blemishes and then set it with some loose powder. The base make-up can basically be the same for any type of look, either glamorous or natural.

Eyes: Since Indian weddings are glitzy and glamorous, it is best to highlight the eyes for a bright and vibrant appeal. Feel free to use glittery shadows on the lids after ding up the eyes with matte shadows.

Cheeks: If emphasis is laid to make the eyes look intense, then using a lighter shade of blush for the cheeks is recommended. If the weather is cold, a little highlighter on the cheekbones will help give it a dewy and fresh look. However, if the weather is hot and humid, then it is better to avoid too much moisture, as this will just make you look like a circus clown. So don’t overdo it!

Lips: It is always wise to choose a lighter shade for the lips as too much color can be a turn-off. Since most Indians are brown skinned, its better to avoid any shades of brown, as it really may not do justice to your natural skin tone. However, light browns with just a tinge of pink should do the job and complement your skin tone perfectly. Corals and peaches are also ideal and can enhance the natural tone of the skin.

Remember, if you want a little bling, a little lipgloss will work wonders.

Those who have a flair for glamour can stick to keeping the eye shadows neutral. Line the eyes dark and spice it up with vibrant reds or bright colors on the lips.

Not getting a highlighter? No worries get yourself a shimmering bronzing powder in a light shade of gold and use it as a highlighter instead.

As with any other aspect of life, remember the cardinal rule, ‘If there is a problem, there is a solution’, so don’t worry, be confident and go out there and sweep everyone off their feet!